Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll be hosting a livestream event again this year.  #SFLIVE2021 will on Friday, April 23, from 7-9pm.  Here is the livestream link: https://youtu.be/dhSO6cG1ndw

Tune in for great music, a powerful message and a chance to win prizes.

Spring Folly seems to have found the perfect balance between great activities, and time to hang out.  Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

Bible Quizzing

Each year youth groups put together Bible quizzing teams of four, memorize a book of the Bible, and come to SF ready to quiz (Think Jeopardy…without having to answer in the form of a question!).    Because this activity takes the most prep, and the most time at the retreat, it also carries the BIGGEST prizes for the winners and runner-ups.  All quiz teams must be registered prior to coming to SF.

The Scripture section for the Bible Quiz this year is 1 Timothy.  Please note that answers and quotes will be from the English Standard Version (ESV).

Sports and Tournaments

Throughout the weekend, teens and youth leaders will have the opportunity to participate in various sports and sign-up for tournaments.  Some of the sporting activities are come-and-go (ie. ping-pong, road hockey, etc).  Others are tournament-style, where you sign up and are put onto a team with other teens and leaders (ie.  V-ball, B-ball, Video Game, etc).   Sign-ups occur at the retreat.

Art Contest

Throughout the weekend art supplies will be provided for teens who have artistic abilities.  Each year we focus on a different medium (ie. charcoal drawings, sculpting, etc) and host an art contest.  Prizes will be given out on Saturday night.


Spring Folly is a packed weekend with many exciting activities.  All of that comes to a screeching halt on Saturday afternoon, when we stop the program and have all teens attend a seminar of their choice.  It’s a chance for teens to learn in smaller groups about issues that interest them.  Past topics have included:  Purity for Guys/Girls, Missions, World Religions, Prophecy, etc.