Register your quiz team BY APRIL 8TH by emailing the SF Quizmaster, Rod Martin at [email protected] 

(Please provide the number of teams you have – up to two, the name of each team, and the names of the coach & teens on the team.  If you have one team that is stronger than another, please tell us which is your A-team and your B-team.)

Hey Quizzers and Coaches…here’s all the information you need for this years Bible Quiz Competition. Below are tips and general rules, click here for official rules: Official Quizzing Rules 2017.  Happy quizzing!

The Scripture section for the Bible Quiz for 2018 is the book of Philippians.  Please note that answers and quotes will be from the English Standard Version (ESV – 2011-16 edition).

All quizzers must be between the ages of 14 and 20 years old and must be registered as attendees of Spring Folly. The quiz team is to be made up only of youth, no youth leaders are permitted on quiz teams.

Each year youth groups put together Bible quizzing teams of four, memorize a book of the Bible, and come to SF ready to quiz (Think Jeopardy…without having to answer in the form of a question!).    Because this activity takes the most prep, and the most time at the retreat, it also carries the BIGGEST prizes for the winners and runner-ups.

Starting a quiz team can be a daunting task.  Jenn Windle is an experienced Quiz Coach who is willing to “coach the coaches.”  If you have questions, you can contact her at [email protected]

Here are some suggestions for putting a quiz team together:

  • Start Early (January at the latest)
  • Meet weekly
  • Assign sections for each team member to memorize
  • Study the book as a group
  • Have team members write three questions from each verse
  • Practice quizzing using these questions
  • A good quiz team needs a champion…the coach…who will cajole, pester, encourage and hold members accountable for memorizing their passages.

If you have questions about the quiz competition itself, please contact the Quizmaster, Rod Marin, directly at the email listed above.  Here are the general rules:

  • There are four quizzers to a seated team.  Each team may have 5 members – substitutions may be made at the “Time Out” after 10 questions.  Each seat retains its correctly or incorrectly answered questions.
  • There are twenty questions to a quiz.
  • A quizzer has 30 seconds to finish the question and answer it from the time they are recognized by the quiz master.
  • After 5 correct answers, a quizzer “Quizzes Out.”  After “Quizzing Out” that player may no longer “buzz in” for the rest of the quiz, they can answer cross overs or steals.
  • Twenty points are awarded for a correctly answered question.  Ten points are deducted for an incorrectly answered question. Ten points are awarded for steals.
  • When all four seated team members answer at least one question correctly, the team receives 20 bonus points.
  • Quotes will be word perfect from the English Standard Version (ESV)
  • Quizzers are not to speak until they are recognized by the quiz master
  • There is no conferring amongst quizzers.
  • All decisions of the quiz master are final.