They’re back! Manic Drive in Concert!

Manic Drive is a SF favourite, having played in 2007, 2009, 2016 and online in 2021. Their live show at SF2016 is one of the best concerts ever performed at Spring Folly.

In 2022, Manic Drive was nominated for a Juno Award and won a Covenant Award as the Rock Artist of the Year. Previously, they won the Juno Award for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year for their CD VIP (2015) and a handful of Covenant Awards in years past.

Manic Drive brings a high-energy show, with passionate vocals and polished guitars from brothers Shawn and Michael Cavallo. Don’t miss this year’s concert.


-$15 ea. at the door

-FREE with your Spring Folly Registration

Instagram – @manicdrive

Twitter – /manicdrive

Facebook – /manicdrive